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About the Owner


Hi, I’m Tracie McClinton, CEO of Very Blessed Events, and I’m honored you stopped by!  I am a wife, mom and woman of faith. I love Snoopy, Oreo cookies and making beautiful creations using my God-given gift of creativity.  For many years, I used my gift to create trendy themes and invitations for my childrens' birthday parties, always described by guests as “awesome”!  

Soon, many of my friends asked me create invitations for their children’s parties.  I've always been willing to help whenever and wherever I can, so of course I helped my friends!  

In 2006 a friend asked if I would assist in planning and directing her daughter’s wedding.  A year later, I was asked by the same friend to assist with her son’s wedding.  It was then that I had my "Aha" moment, and, in 2007, Very Blessed Events was born!  We have been rocking with hundreds of clients since then!
What began as my niche for creating amazing invitations for children’s parties blossomed into a thriving, award-winning, full service event planning business! Our handmade, custom invitations have evolved into elegant, intricate, layered, glitter laced invitations, programs and favors. 

I would love an opportunity to win your business and help to make your party, shower, family celebration or wedding an unforgettable event with a customized and unique invitation.  With a creative eye and blessed hands, Very Blessed Events to is here to assist with making your vision come to life!

Blessings to you!

Tracie McClinton
CEO, Very Blessed Events 


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